Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships hiring nurses, doctors; up to $6,000 sign-in bonus

Royal Caribbean Group, one of the largest cruise lines in the worlds, is now looking for nurses and doctors for their ships. Accepted applicants to get up $6,000 sign-in bonus and other perks! 

Do you love to pursue a career in the medical field while getting an opportunity to travel around the world via a cruise ship? Here's the job opportunity that you are looking for. Apply now for vacant positions of nurses, doctors, and infection control officers at Royal Caribbean Group. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise hiring nurses

Successful candidates can look forward to: 
  • Up to $6,000 sign-in bonus 
  • Up to $30,000 retention bonus 
  • Competitive Compensation 
  • Free medical insurance 
  • Opportunity to travel the world


As the onboard Doctor, you will provide medical services to crew members and guests. You will also support the Staff Captain and Senior Doctor in all health-related matters at sea, including illness reporting and outbreak prevention. Your other responsibilities include managing the shipboard medical center's medication and supply budget; assisting in crew safety and personal hygiene orientations; and supporting food-handling and galley inspections. 

 Applicants must have an active medical license, a medical degree from a recognized college or university, and at least three years of clinical experience in general and emergency medicine. You must also have valid Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support certificates. 


• Three years minimum clinical experience in Acute Care setting, after completion of a recognized Medical training program is required. 
• One-year practical experience in Advanced Cardiac Life Support is required. 
• One-year experience in diagnosing and treating a broad range of medical conditions is required, including experience performing minor surgery such as suturing, removal of benign skin lesions, removal of foreign objects, removal of ingrown toenails, and identification of and immobilizing of simple fractures. 
• Intermediate to Advanced verbal and written level of English is required. 
• Specialization with: Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Internal medicine, or pulmonology experience preferred.


The onboard Nurse provides nursing services to all At Sea employees and guests, and supports the Staff Captain and other shipboard Medical personnel in all health-related matters at sea, including illness reporting and outbreak prevention. Aside from assisting the Doctor, he/she helps manage the daily operations of the clinic/hospital; provides first-aid instructions for crewmembers; and tests water samples. 


A good-standing RN license; ACLS and BLS certificates; minimum of three years post-graduate clinical training; minimum of one year practical experience in Advanced Cardiac Life Support; a minimum of one year experience in the Coronary Care, Emergency, or Intensive Care units; and a minimum of one year experience performing Basic Life Support are required for this role.

Infection Control Officer

As Infection Control Officer, you’ll ensure our public health and infectious disease standards are met and exceeded onboard. You'll work with all departments to roll out our shipboard Infection Prevention and Control Program to improve crew member and guest safety through high quality care. 

Applicants must have a bachelor’sdegree in Nursing, Medical Technology, Microbiology, and Public Health. You should also have at least 3 years of experience implementing infection control programs and working with regulatory agencies, or 2 years of shipboard experience as a Chief Nurse.

Royal Caribbean cruise hiring nurses



Join their Medical team on board the ships and help ensure the health and safety of crew and guests. You may submit your resumes here: or go to the links below and click 'Apply Now'. 

- Infection Control Officer:

Royal Caribbean Group is the world's second-largest cruise line operator and has also been voted "Best Cruise Line Overall" for 19 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers' Choice Awards.

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