Nurse in Philippine Heart Center charged with malpractice

Parents of a 2-year-old boy suffering from congenital heart defect has accused a nurse at Philippine Heart Center of medical malpractice.
Screengrab from GMA News and Public Affairs Youtube.

Tyrone and Sarah Valencia said in an interview over GMA 7's 24 Oras newscast that they brought their son Stephen Gabriel to the Heart Center on December 10, 2014 for confinement. The baby is suffering from Down Syndrome and Tetralogy of Fallot, and is experiencing irregular heart rhythms.

The attending physician ordered an X-ray, but the parents alleged that the nurse inserted cannula or tube on the child's humidifier and oxygen tank without checking the pressure.

The baby then had a breathing difficulty and water went out of his nose and mouth.

"The nurse kept on pushing in the cannula, maybe to give oxygen to my baby, or maybe she panicked already that she did not know what to do," Tyrone, a nurse himself, said.

Credits: GMA News Youtube channel

The child was in critical condition and had suffered 3 episodes of cardiac arrest. He was revived but the parents are worried that the arrest has affected his brain.

Sarah divulged online that the nurse's name is Athena Acedillo, and she has this message for her:
"To Athena Acedillo, the nurse at Philippine Heart Center, this is the calm before the storm. I slowly became incapable of expressing how painful it is to see our son going through this. He deserves a happy childhood. I hope you count your blessings, unlike us who are still struggling and fighting for baby Gab's life. He is a blessing from God, but you slowly took it away. We will leave the investigation to the authorities. May God Bless the case and Gabgab."

The parents have already lodged a complaint against the nurse at the administration of Philippine Heart Center, and also to the National Bureau of Investigation. The hospital has yet to issue their official statement on the case.[via Source]

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