UPDATE: DOH NDP nurses to receive ₱31,765 in 2018

Nurses who will be hired by Department of Health (DOH) under the Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) for 2018 will receive salary of P31,765 according to latest official documents posted by regional offices.

Not NDP nurses only got the boost in their salary. All cadres under the 2018 DOH Human Resource for Health Programs which includes nurses, dentists, doctors, medical technologists, midwives, and pharmacists will get higher wages next year. Here are the salary rates:
Physician Augmentation Deployment Project (PADP) – P56,610
Dentist Deployment Project (DDP) – P34,781
Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) – P31,765
Universal Healthcare Implementers Deployment Project (UHCIDP) – P29,010
Medical Technologist Deployment Project (MTDP) – P29,010
Pharmacist Deployment Project (PDP) – P29,010
Public Health Associates Deployment Project (PHADP) – P22,149
Family Health Associate Deployment Project (FHADP) – P26, 494
Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP) – P20,179

In an interview over Manila Bulletin Online Hot Seat, former health secretary Paulyn Ubial said that the NDP nurses will receive higher salary due to third tranche of Salary Standardization Law.

"For nurses, [P29,000], that's the entry level. Then they have hazard pay and other benefits," she said. "That is why private hospitals are complaining that their nurses are transferring to DOH."

The NDP nurses this 2017 are receiving P26,878 monthly salary.

When asked about NDP regularization, Ubial said that they are proposing to Department of Budget and Management (DBM) that they become plantilla positions.

"But it is not 'tenured' or has security of tenure, meaning that it's for two-year period, to allow other health professionals to get learning experience from that employment," she added. "What we want is that before they go to specialization or masters or explore other career options, they should serve two years first at rural areas as part of their career development and learning."

"We don't expect them to stay there. There will be a fresh batch of graduates so that it's really part of our 'culture', just like in Cuba."

As initially reported, Ubial said that the Health department has proposed a budge of P9 billion for the hiring of around 25,000 new health providers to be deployed in grassroots level under the Human Resource for Health (HRH) deployment programs.

“We’re hiring varied professionals, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists, med-techs...but the majority are nurses. Around 22,000 are allocated. Currently we have 15,000 nurse deployment program applicants and hires but in 2018, that will increase to 22,000. About 7,000 increase,” she added.

For doctors, around 500 will be hired in 2018 with monthly salary of P70,000 plus allowances and benefits.

Those who are interested may go to the nearest DOH regional offices and apply for their desired position. Hiring period is up to December, and deployment period will be from January to December 2018.

For NDP and HRH 2018 updates, including the recruitment, qualifying exam and other details, please follow this site and Infonurses.com page in Facebook.

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  1. Sana 22o ito at wag paasa nnman...ang mahal ng tuition at lab fees tpos in the end 6k,8-15k lng sahod? Sa mga nurses jan ng gstong mgabroad mgapply na dito sa singapore daming hospitals n understaffed ngyn.

  2. Hire naman kayo ng hire ng NDP, sa hospital pa rin bagsak na mga pasyente nila.. hospital nurses nga di mabigyan ng salary justice.

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