PRC accredited CPD programs, providers for nurses

The new Continuing Professional Development Law which mandates all regulated professionals including nurses to earn CPD units as requirement for PRC ID renewal will take effect in 2017.

The measure also known as Republic Act 10912 or the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016 gives authority to Professional Regulatory Boards to create CPD Councils which will monitor and supervise the efficiency and progress of the CPD programs for their respective profession.

What are the nursing training, workshops or seminars that offer CPD units? We are listing down the CPD Providers and Programs with their respective units previously accredited by PRC Board of Nursing CPD Council.

PRC CPD Council Programs for Nurses

  • Basic Critical Care Nursing Course - 34 units
  • Comprehensive Neurological Assessment - 6 units
  • Care of Patients of Mechanical Ventilation - 6 units
  • Hemodynamics Monitoring - 5 units
  • Nutrition Support of the Critically Ill Patient - 6 units
  • EKG: E-Z Steps of Interpretation - 22 units
  • Intensive Pearls from East to West - 16 units
  • Nursing Skills Fair I - 16 units

  • Postgraduate Course on BOSH for Nurses - 45 units
  • First-On-Scene-Responder Course - 40 units
  • 1st Quarter Scientific Meeting - 40 units

The Medical City
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program - 40 units
  • Specialized Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program - 64 units
  • Hemodialysis Training - 40 units
  • Oncology Nurse Program - 40 units

UP Manila National Telehealth Center
  • RxBox - 18 units
  • Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) - 36 units

UP Manila College of Nursing
  • Promoting a Culture of Disaster Preparedness and Core Disaster Life Support - 7 units
  • Basic Course in Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing - 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center NSD
  • Latest Technology on Wound Care Management - 6 units
  • Updates on Best Practices: Control of Post-surgical, Central and Peripheral Line Infection - 7 units
  • Latest Diagnostic and Screening Technology, Therapy and Nursing Management of Patients with Breast and Cervical Cancer - 8 units

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • End of Life Nursing Education Consortium - 8 units
  • Chemotherapy Training and Guidelines for Oncology Nurses - 12 units
  • Central Venous Access Device Training and Skills Accreditation - 8 units

Philippine Nurses Association
  • Emergency Trauma Care: Saving Lives - 3 units
  • Caring for Stroke Survivor - 3 units
  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): Implications to Care - 2 units
  • Orientation Program on Positive Practice Environment for Nurses - 3 units
  • Caressing the Fight Against Breast Cancer - 3 units
  • Overview of Psychiatric Nursing: Dealing with Anxious Patients - 3 units
  • Acute Brain Attack - 3 units
  • Understanding EKG - 3 units
  • Challenges of Non-Communicable Disease: The Wellness Tree - 3 units
  • Pediatric Emergency Nursing: Tracheostomy Care - 3 units
  • Renal Replacement Therapies, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis - 3 units
  • Nursing Informatics - 3 units
  • Pain as 5th Vital Sign, Pain Assessment and Pain Management - 4 units
  • Psychological First Aid - 4 units
  • Good Research Practices Workshop - 20 units
  • Basic Emergency and Trauma Care - 4 units

Zeullig Family Foundation
  • Barangay Health Leadership and Management Program - 26 units

Advanced Clinical Laboratory for Skills and Health Care Solution, Inc.
  • Resuscitation of the Newborn Program - 8 units

Chong Hua Hospital - Cebu
  • Vein-T Training Program - 16 units
  • End of Life Nursing Education - 16 units
  • Nurse Preceptorship Training Program - 16 units
  • Critical Course Program - 40 units

UERMMMCI Department of Nursing Service
  • Skin Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management - 22 units

Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines
  • Insulin Injection Technique and Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose - 8 units

  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration towards Quality Perioperative Nursing Care - 6 units
  • OR Nursing in Robotic Surgery - 3 units
  • Perioperative Nursing in Cardiovascular Surgery - 6 units

Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc
  • Maternal and Child Nursing Practice Standards in the Philippines - 2 units

Lung Center of the Philippines
  • Pulmonary Nursing Training Program (Advanced Course on Pulmonary Nursing) - 40 units

Association of Private Duty Nurse Practitioners
  • Forum on Legalities in the Workplace - 3 units
  • Evidence-Based Wound Care Practices - 3 units

Philippine Heart Center
  • Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner Program - 40 units
  • Critical Care Course - 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center
  • Modern Approach on International Radiology Among Cancer Patients - 6 units

Disability First Foundation, Inc.
  • Hearts on Fire: What's Hot? Art of Burn Care and Rehabilitation - 16 units

Ang NARS, Inc.
  • General Assembly and Advocacy Forum - 2 units

  • Basic IV Therapy Training - 24 units

We just want to emphasize as a disclaimer that this is not a complete list of all providers and programs, and this will be updated once the Nursing CPD Council releases the official list of providers, programs and corresponding CPD units for next year's implementation.

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  1. Accredited ba ung cpd units abroad for the renewal of license?

  2. Inayos nyo Sana ang sweldo ng nurses bago nyo na implement yan..bayad sa renewal mas malaki ba ang byad kysa sa sweldo ng nurses..

  3. The scrub top has a nice V-neck collar which I think looks better, on me at least. It's not low cut either. Scrub top is a bit transparent, which is typical for white. I wear a tank or camisole under it.

  4. Free po ba yan? Pano naman po yung mga nurses na hindi pagiging nurse ang trabaho? Lalo na yung mga nurses na volunteer lang at wala namang sweldo? Dagdag gastos lang yan eh. Ang hirap na nga kumita para sa pang araw araw dadagdagan pa ng ganyan. Buti sana kung free. Grabe talaga magisip ang mga politiko. Makahanap lang talaga ng pagkakakitaan, pipigain pa ang mga mahihirap. Di na nakuntento sa mga kinukurakot nila. Hay buhay.

  5. The aim of the Philippine Government to enhance, update and empower the nurses is very much appreciated and it is for the benefit of the whole medical workforce as well. however, it should also be taken into account that those CPD units should be given for FREE, since they have made it mandatory for us nurses. one reason is, to acquire those units is a no joke, in some training/ seminars will have to spend money tantamount to a month salary or worst even more. they would argue that the employers should shoulder all the expenses made by the staff, but, it not likely the case. especially if the nurse is working in a private sector, wherein the best thing they could offer is to provide it to the staff through a pay later scheme, further compromising the staff. i hope, that the government has also considered that before they fully implemented it. it would have been better that they have developed an online e learning scheme for free and or conduct free training/seminar for nurses both in public and private sector. moreover it would be better if the PNA or other nursing org. should take into consideration as well, rather than conducting trainings/seminars, but still requiring the nurses to pay for it. diba may annual membership naman? so basically the organization has money for it.. just sayin..

  6. magbabayd ka ng para sa seminars and trainings ei pang gastos nga sa pang araw araw kulang pa tapos dadagdagan pa ng panibagong pagkakagastusan.anlaki ng nagastos mo sa pag aaral pero wala pa sa kalahati ang bumabalik sau na pinangbayad mo sa tuition mo. tsk.. buhay nurse nga naman.

  7. is coshemap accredited cpd provider?