DOH NDP 2017 Application Updates by Region

Department of Health has started the hiring of nurses for Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) 2017 in various regions around the country, and the updates on the application, qualifying exam and other details are posted here.

Formerly known as RN Heals program, DOH NDP is part of Human Resource for Health (HRH) Deployment Programs which recruits nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, and other allied health professionals for deployment to rural health units, birthing homes, barangay health stations and other areas in grassroots level.

In calendar year 2017, the health department said that they intend to hire fewer nurses, doctors and dentists in the program. NDP program will get the biggest cut of personnel; from 15,727 this year to 9,349 in 2017, or a total 6,368 nurses losing their jobs at the end of their contracts in December.

Selection and recruitment process for HRH programs depends on each DOH Regional Offices, and some have started accepting applications as early as September 2016.

Here are the updates per Region:
Region 1 – Application and Requirements
Region 2 –
Region 3 –
Region 4A – Public Health Associates hiring. | NDP 2017 application deadline on January 31, 2017.
Region 4B –
Region 5 –
Region 6 – Online Application from Oct 29 to Nov 3. | Qualifying Exam schedule
Region 7 –
Region 8 –
Region 9 – Application period from Sep 18 to Oct 24 | Qualifying Exam on November 12, List of Examinees.
Region 10 – Application and requirements | List of accepted HRH
Region 11 –
Region 12 –
Region 13 – Deadline of Application on November 10, qualifying exam.
NCR – Application and requirements

Note: Keep checking back on this post for updates. If you wish, you may contact your respective DOH Regional Office for application updates.

Salary of HRH 2017

  • Licensed physician for Doctors to the Barrios Program -P56,000 plus perks
  • Doctors as Universal Health Care Implementers - P56,000.00 (Nurses and other allied health professionals may also apply, with different salary)
  • Licensed dentist for Dentist Deployment Project - P29,028.00
  • Registered nurses for Nurse Deployment Project - P26,878.00
  • Licensed midwife for Rural Health Midwives Placement Program - P14,931.00 for COS
  • Licensed medtech for Medical Technologists Deployment Project - P24,887.00
  • Any graduate of 4-year health-related courses for Public Health Associates Deployment Project - P19,940.00

Note: DOH is looking to regularize NDP positions in the next few years, and all regular personnel will get second round salary increases under the Salary Standardization Law IV next year 2017. All salaries are subject to applicable tax.

We will update this post regularly, so stay here and be informed on what's the latest about DOH NDP 2017 and other HRH Deployment Programs.

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