'Jeepney nurses' draws mixed reactions online

A photo of two nurses clinging on a jeepney posted by a motoring magazine Facebook page sparked a debate on chivalry online.

Top Gear Philippines posted the controversial photo of Marvin Sy Top of two women in nurses' uniform clinging from the outside of a moving jeepney with caption "Is chivalry dead? We really hope there was not a single male passenger inside that jeepney" on Wednesday, October 15.

The photo immediately went viral, and as of this writing, has over 61,000 likes, 4,500 comments and close to 10,000 shares.

Some commenters slammed Top Gear PH for starting a quarrel on social media on chivalry and gender equality, prompting the admin of the page to post a reaction to the exchange:

TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES: "We don't wish to argue with anyone about chivalry or gender equality. We're 100% for gender equality, but we will definitely give up our seat for a lady. It's not being sexist. It's not implying that a woman is weak or that she needs to be helped at all times. It just feels right. We'll probably do it for ourselves as much as for the lady."

Here's the thread:

What's your take on this issue?

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