Ang Nars partylist 'constrained' to support Nurses for Change rally on October 17

Ironically, the partylist that represents nurses in Congress will not support the Nurses for Change Movement rally on October 17.

Nurse for Change Movement will gather nurses in a mass action starting in front of UST at EspaƱa to Mendiola in Manila on October 17. Advocacy of the movement includes salary grade 15 implementation, stopping of false volunteerism, and adequate nurse-to-patient ratio and positive working environment.

The movement formally asked for support of Ang Nars headed by Representative Leah Paquiz, but was disappointed with the response of the partylist.

In a letter to Nurses for Change Movement deputy spokesperson John Stephen Humiwat dated October 1, 2014, Ang Nars said that they are "constrained to [support the movement] as we recognize and respect the movement's apolitical nature."

Here are the excerpts of the letter, as posted in Nurses for Change Movement Facebook page:
Credits: Nurse for Change Movement Facebook page.

Nurse educator Carl Balita, one of the staunch supporters of the movement, was very dismayed with Ang Nars' stand, and he voiced his disappointment in social media.

"Dear Hon. Leah S. Paquiz of Ang Nars Partylist:

From a pioneering supporter and a strategic ally from the start, let me express my disappointment of your letter to the Nurses for Change Movement. I hope this neglect of our loud voice will help you achieve your vision. I realize thay i wasted my time explaining to you about what we were doing for the nurses, when we were starting the movement.

PEACE be with you.

For now, i join others who have left your side.

Btw, the statement you are using as excuse for yor non-support did not mean that our doors are closed for politicians. That was even the reason why i called Senators Aquino, Cayetano and Trillanes for support.

Mabuhay ang mga nurses. We shall Carry on as envisioned."

Nurses who pushes for the mass action were equally dismayed as shown by their negative reactions on Ang Nars letter-reply, as posted in the movement's Facebook page.

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